Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Mission Office

Where We Will Be Working:
View from the front door. It is just a bunch of cubicles, desks, and cupboards.
a remodel is scheduled for the near future.
The mission office is located in a former meeting house in Bayamon. It also holds the Facilities Management Office, the Employment and Self-Reliance Office, and has a large cultural hall for meetings. We haven't spent a lot of time there yet because the current office elders who will tell us what we need to do have been pretty busy getting ready for the new mission president.

Our Mission Office Building
John is in charge of housing and vehicles. I am doing office work and will also help with inspecting and setting up and moving out of apartments. One of the office elders is in charge of finances. It's amazing to see a twenty year old pay all the bills, deal with landlords, make travel arrangements, buy and sell cars, maintain cars, and everything else. He is helping John figure out the housing and vehicles. 
Cultural Hall
View from the back of the office.

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