Saturday, July 12, 2014

Homes in Puerto Rico

In Bayamon and the suburbs of San Juan, the residents live in either a high rise apartment building, a 3 to 4 story apartment building in a large complex, or in a single family home. The single family homes are always very close together. They usually consist of a living room, small kitchen, bathroom, and two very small bedrooms. Some of the houses have a second story with the same layout. Most of the missionaries live in a second floor apartment in a single family home.

This is what a typical apartment complex in Bayamon looks like.

This is a similar apartment complex in Arecibo where some sisters live. It was one of the nicest missionary apartments that we have seen.

This is an apartment in Old San Juan that we moved some sisters out of last week. It was built in the 1500s and was definitely not a typical missionary apartment. It was very nice and rent was over $1000/mo. Our typical budget is $500 for a 4 missionary apartment. The ocean was on the other side of the plaza across the street.
This is an interesting staircase in the Old San Juan apartment building. There were about 10 apartments in the building.

I thought the houses up on the mountain in Lares were interesting. This is a view from across the street from where some elders live in a small apartment. I really liked this area of the island.

This is a house in a really nice neighborhood in Toa Baja. I thought the elders living here had a pretty fancy place until I saw that their apartment was only the one fourth of the building on the left. The apartment is only about 10 feet wide.
I can't remember where this is, but it is a view from some elders' apartment.
And last, but not least...Ricky Martin's house in Dorado. A member in the Metro Ward lives in the same resort neighborhood, but his house is just a regular house by USA standards.

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