Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Arriving in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our Long Trip:
We left Eden, Utah at 3:30 am for our 6 am flight to Dallas where we would be connecting to a 12:45 flight from Dallas to San Juan. We got on the flight to Dallas without any problems, but then because of thunder storms we were sent to Austin instead. While there, the plane had to have a mechanical issue fixed so we had to get off the plane. We waited for just under an hour and then got back on and headed to Dallas. We went to our gate to see if we had missed our connection. We were over an hour late despite our long layover, but thought the connection would be late, too. We ran to our next gate and were told that the plane had already left and that we would need to take the 4:45 flight. We ate lunch and then saw on the departure board that it was just leaving so we could have made it! It wasn't on the departure board when we first looked. After three more planes having mechanical issues and switching to three different terminals, we finally took off at 9 pm CDT. The flight didn't seem too long and we arrived in San Juan about 3:30 am. The office elders picked us up because President Zwick had a early meeting the next morning. They dropped us off at our new apartment about 4:30 am.  A 24 hour trip! Here are pictures of the apartment:

Our Apartment in Bayamon:
This bedroom is now a storage room for the furniture and supplies from another apartment. We had to clean out the apartment of a senior couple who had left and we need to store the items until the next couple comes and moves into a different apartment.

We have two spare bedrooms. We put the bed from the other apartment in here, but I don't think anyone will be visiting before we have to give it to a new senior couple.

Our laundry room.

Our room and our first load of laundry. We have a small air conditioner we use at night.

Our apartment is on the bottom floor and our car is the Cruze on the right.

This is the view from outside our apartment. We are in a very commercial area. There aren't many residential streets in this area.

This is our street right outside the entrance to the complex.

There is a soccer'stadium/basketball arena right across from our apartment complex. One of the members of the Metro Ward (English speaking) plays for the basketball team.

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