Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Farewell Dinner for the Cards

Elder and Sister Card from Wyoming served six months on Antigua and six months on Tortola as Member Leadership Support Missionaries. They flew in to Puerto Rico on Monday and that night President and Sister Boucher hosted a farewell dinner for them. The other senior couple, the Wentzels, the nurse, Sister Heidenreich, the assistants and the office elders attended.
Elder Eakle,  Sister Wentzel, and Brother Wentzel in the mission home living room. We call Brother Wentzel Ramon because his middle name is Raymond and no one here can say his first name, Guy. 
Elder Eakle, Elder Card, Sister Card, and Sister Eakle. After dinner, the Cards shared some experiences from their mission and their testimonies with us. On Tortola, Elder Card helped the young men build a sailboat that they would take out. Many of the Tortola youth really hadn't been on boats or in the water much even though Tortola is the sailing capital of the world (but just for the wealthy).
Elder Bennett, the Wentzels, Sister Heidenreich, and Elder Castenada. He is an AP from SLC. I think he really enjoys being able to have an IPhone. 
President and Sister Boucher getting dessert ready with Elder Bennett. They have a really nice gourmet kitchen there. She has to host a lot of meals and prepare meals for zone conferences, too. Our dinner was during zone conference week. She must be exhausted. We had yummy Cafe Rio type salads. 
Elder Eakle in the celestial-looking living room of the mission home. They should change those 80s light fixtures to crystal chandeliers to complete the effect. The mission home has some really pretty paintings of local Puerto Rico scenes that add some color. 
The elders working off their dinner by doing the dishes. 
An informal "priesthood meeting" was going on in the living room while we sisters were helping Sister Boucher make sandwiches for the zone conference tomorrow. She was working on dessert when we left at 10. I don't think she gets much sleep. She's a very nice lady and is working really hard. 

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