Sunday, November 2, 2014

October in Puerto Rico

I spend a lot of time at the utility companies turning on and off service or trying to get problems resolved. One time I had to go to the water company in downtown San Juan instead of in Bayamon. We actually picked up the apartment owner and took him with us to help. This interesting apartment is across the street. I liked the painting on it and thought maybe it would be a good future apartment for some sister missionaries. 
Elder Essig from Centerville, Elder Kraft from San Diego, Elder Fitzgerald from Provo, and Elder Arana from Mexico all went home on October 23. I think they are a little excited even though they only got two hours of sleep. 
There was a beautiful sunrise above the bay on the way to the airport which is right on the water. There is a beach right next to the airport which people say is fun to go to and watch the planes fly over you. 

Unloading the van. Elder Alfaro from California is getting his luggage organized.
We will miss Sister Leonardo's beautiful smile. She cooked Dominican food at the mission home for the departing missionaries the night before they left . 
Our other departing sister missionaries, Sister Diego from California and Sister Torrealva from South America, along with Sister Boucher.
These two elders are serving here in Bayamon. Elder and Sister Lee who work in the office with us had them and us over for dinner on the elder's birthday. 
Missionaries rarely pose for a picture without giving a thumbs up.
The elders and the Lees.
Our apartment backs to the parking lot of a Pentecostal church. Someone has been power washing the cement for the last few days. All of the sidewalks and cement structures here are usually covered with mold, moss, and this black silt which people say is Sahara Desert dust. I've often remarked that every structure here needs to be power washed. I was amazed at the before and after difference.
This weekend Sister Heidenreich and I drove to two baptisms in Aguadilla and Lares about two hours away.One of the elders had drawn these impressive pictures on the chalkboard of the room where the baptism was held. 
Elder Bowes' other chalk drawing.
Elder Grigg and Elder Bowes with their new church member.
We all went out to eat after the baptism in Lares. The only place open was a typical Puerto Rican restaurant. We had mufongo which is mashed and fried plantains with some well-done fried meat. 

The Lares elders, their new convert, and two of his friends who are members of the Lares Branch. 
These bird nests are all over stuck in chain link fences and on wires. I thought these ones were particularly interesting how the grass sticks out from the mound so artistically. I don't think I could make something like this with my hands and a bird does it with a beak. 

Last week we stopped by the Aguas Buenas elders' apartment because their washer isn't working. Of course, we couldn't fix it and I'll have to call a repairman, but we were able to have a short visit and take a picture. 

Orchids grow everywhere. They are usually tied to a palm tree trunk or growing out of a dead stump. I love how such beautiful things can just grow anywhere. 

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