Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Caguas Zone Conference

Zone Conferences are held quarterly. I attended the San Juan Zone Conference the first month we were here, and I decided to attend the Caguas Zone Conference this time since it was on my birthday and that would give me a nice break from the office. We did a twelve hour move on Saturday so we didn't have a day off so I enjoyed having my birthday off. 
Waiting for interviews after zone conference.
A musical number is performed at each zone conference.
The Caguas elders lining up for lunch. Sister Boucher prepares a lovely, homemade meal for every conference. She does five of these in less than a week. We love her and appreciate her cooking skills. 
Nearly all of the churches have an outdoor courtyard. The Caguas one is particularly pretty. The young palm tree has orchids growing from the trunk.
The missionaries are standing to recite their purpose in both Spanish and English.

These elders are waiting for interviews after zone conference. The elder holding the present has a birthday this quarter so he received a special birthday treat from President and Sister Boucher.
Waiting for the second half of zone conference to begin.
Our smiling Caguas sister missionaries.
Elder and Sister Wentzel with Elder Rudd who goes home next month. His parents are serving a mission in New Zealand so he will fly there to see them before heading home to start school.
Zone conference is a time for pictures.
The zone leaders and sister trainer leaders presented information on the importance of key indicators in the afternoon. 
Another lunch picture. The lunch meal was baked ziti, Caesar salad, garlic bread, and dessert. I don't know how she does it. 
Rarely is a photo of elders taken without a thumb's up.
Happy elders checking out their mail. We always make sure we bring the mail to zone conference.
AP Elder Castenada is helping with the video presentations. He also translates during zone conference for us senior couples who aren't fluent in Spanish. A few missionaries need translation when Elder Eakle and Sister Heidenreich present in English, but not many. 

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