Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Moving day, Sunday Dinner, and Birthday Dinner

On Saturday we helped the Juana Diaz sisters move into a new house that they had found on their own. I was so proud of them. Their existing house has a leaky roof, and the owner wouldn't fix it as long as they were living there. They have been so patient with the leaks. Once we were ready to move, we found out that the electric meter was broken and had to be replaced before they would have service. They moved anyway and just said it would be like girls' camp. They had to survive the weekend without any electricity. 

 We had to get a stove, fridge, and some study tables and chairs from the storage unit to take to their new apartment because they moved from a furnished apartment that had appliances.
When we got to the new house, two of the sisters had decorated and had made a cake for one of the other two sisters who was having a birthday that day. One of the sisters who decorated and helped move had chikungunya but still carried on with the move. She's a tough one. We will miss her enthusiasm and hard work when she goes home next month.
The two sisters who planned the surprise celebration help the birthday sister while she blows out the candles. Some elders from a neighboring area helped with the move. 
After we moved the first load of things, we went to a local restaurant for lunch. The place is so cute. It is already decorated for Christmas.
Most of us ordered the special of rice, beans, and some fried chicken, but some of the elders enjoyed a lunch of octupus.
We snacked on the birthday cake while we waited for our meals.
Even the kitchen supplies belonged to the owner of the old apartment so we had to make a quick run to Walmart to buy almost everything for their apartment. Because they live so far away from the office, we wanted to get everything while we were there. With all these new apartments, I'm running out of kitchen supplies anyway. I think I'm going to go to a yard sale on Saturday and see what I can find. We were surprised to hear a very loud band playing in the paint section of Walmart.
When we returned home after our twelve hour moving day, we found a very loud fiesta taking place in the parking lot behind our house. This is the view from our small patio. The festivities went on for over three hours while I was trying to prepare a talk for church the next day.
After three zone conferences and with two to go, Sister Boucher took time out of preparing zone conference meals to make a lovely turkey dinner for the senior couples Sunday night. I know I'm always raving about her cooking, but it is really the best food on the island.
 Our lovely meal. From left to right are Sister Lee, Sister Allred, Sister Heidenreich, President Boucher, Sister Boucher, Sister Porter, Elder Porter, and Sister Wentzel. I think that is Elder Eakle's thumbs up.
Our meal matched the table decor!

I'm trying to smile with food in my mouth. Left to right are Brother Porter, Sister Wentzel, Elder Wentzel's empty spot because he is taking the picture, Elder Eakle, Sister Eakle, Elder Lee, Sister Lee, and Sister Allred.
Our yummy salads. I'm not sure what was in it, but it was good.
All of the senior couples went to PF Chang's at Plaza Las Americas for my birthday. 
Here we all are.

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