Friday, October 10, 2014

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures of life in Puerto Rico:

Giant letters that spell "Ponce" greet drivers as they enter this city on the south side of the island. We thought it would be appropriate for me to stand between the C and the E.

Here I am in the C.

This is the center of Utuado which is up in the mountains. We were here waiting to help move elders to a new apartment. Almost every town has a square with a church next to it.

This statue represents Christianity being brought to the native people of the island.
Elder Bennett demonstrated changing a tire at the last leadership council meeting. The leadership council consists of zone leaders and sister trainer leaders.
This note on my desk made my day last week. Missionaries do not have dryers, but in this case due to a special situation, one is required. Unfortunately, after buying one, it's not heating up. We don't know if it's the dryer or the wiring. We are going to have the technician and an electrician get together and try to figure this problem out. 
Our apartment doesn't allow dryers to be vented outside. I guess they don't want holes and dryer vents and lint on the walls. So I rigged up my own contraption with a bungee cord. Hot, wet air blowing directly into the apartment is not pleasant when it's already 80 or 90 degrees inside. 
We got a flat tire driving home from Fajardo one afternoon. The always capable Elder Bennett came to the rescue with Elder Scott assisting. 
Needless to say, his white shirt wasn't white anymore after this. I enjoyed a nice phone chat with my sister while we old missionaries let the young elders take care of this. 
This sign was hanging on a classroom door at a church. I like the term "Rayitos de Sol" or Sunbeams.
And this must mean "Choose the Right."
Piggies at lunch.
Hermana Sow joins in. 
The always busy Plaza del  Sol. We have three malls within two miles of our house. They are all very similar. They remind me a lot of 80s malls in the US complete with arcade places and lots of teenagers. 

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