Sunday, October 5, 2014

Conference Sunday with the Caguas Zone

I don't know if any parents of missionaries have come across this blog, but in case they do and they want to see more pictures of missionaries instead of scenery, I thought I'd try to do a better job at posting pictures of missionaries. I'm not supposed to identify them without permission, but I think the pictures are okay. 

We ate lunch between Sunday sessions at the Wentzel's apartment in Caguas. It was pretty cozy, but they have a lot of patio space. Here are some pictures: 


  1. My son Elder Carl Joseph Beecroft, is in the DR CCM right now with 2 weeks until he heads to Puerto Rico. I came upon your blog as I was searching for information about his mission. I love it and have learned so much about what life in PR is like. Thanks for this blog and your work to care for the missionaries. It does my heart good.

  2. You're welcome. We are excited to see him on the 21st. Arrival and transfer days are very exciting. You probably saw the earlier blog about transfer days. That will give you an idea of what his first day in Puerto Rico will be like. We are always anxious to find out where the new missionaries' first areas will be.

    1. I did read the blog about transfer days. Sounds like a great way to start the mission.