Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Week in Pictures

We saw this iguana at Las Palmas near Humacao. We went there to go to the beach, but no swimming was allowed because of the rip tides. 
On Wednesday, we went to Lares to look at a a new apartment for the elders. Lares is built right on a mountain so all of the streets are very steep.
We took the elders to a pincho stand after looking at the apartment. 
The elders in the back are holding pinchos which are shish kabobs with just meat and a piece of bread on the end. 
The mountain roads are lined with bamboo. 
Looking out over a valley as we head down from Lares.
Lunch is almost always 59 cent tacos at Taco Bell or Costco hot dogs. Elders Helm, Bennett, Nadauld, and Castaneda are enjoying our fine fare. 
One day I went out to the parking lot and found one of the sister missionaries training three other sister missionaries on car maintenance. 

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