Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lots of Moves

One evening this week we went to Home Depot and bought some pruning shears so that we could trim the plants in the back patio area to the owner's satisfaction. Elder Bennett owned a landscaping business before his mission so he was happy to get back to what he loved and help out. We used the old grill on the patio and rewarded him and Elder Helm with a steak dinner. 
Elder Bennett at work.

This week I helped the Toa Baja sisters move to a new apartment. Elder Eakle, Elder Bennett and Elder Helm had meetings so I was on my own with two Toa Baja Elders that helped out. The sisters' old apartment was in a bad area, had a terrible rotting floor, smelled like cat, and had the strangest bathroom. They had to walk up a few stairs to the bathroom. 

The shower is only 18 inches wide so they had to stand sideways and they had no hot water. 
I drove the truck to Toa Baja. The screws were stripped in the beds so we had to put them in the truck without taking them apart. Thankfully, two ward members showed up with another truck to help with the dresser, washing machine, and suitcases. The sisters put all the kitchen things in their car. Our last load was the last bed and all of their garbage tied to the straps so I could take it back to the office to throw away. 

The Toa Baja sisters were victorious having cleaned their apartment without leaving any garbage. 
 The new apartment definitely isn't perfect. It backs to a busy highway and doesn't have much of a breeze, but they have a nice air conditioner that is included with the rent. The neighborhood is nice and right down from the church. 
I'm sure it will take them awhile to unpack. 
 This week we moved into a new apartment because we thought the new couple coming would prefer the first floor apartment we were in. We needed furniture so Sister Boucher and I picked out a few things at Ikea. Luckily, the mission already had the couch and a bed. Elders Bennett and Helm worked on assembling the furniture for us. 
Elder Helm trying to figure things out. 
Elder Bennett hard at work assembling a chair.
The chairs, table, and bookcase weren't bad to assemble. In hindsight, I wouldn't have chosen an assemble yourself dresser. We still don't have that done.

The senior couples usually get together once a week for dinner. This week we went out to celebrate Sister Allred's birthday. The Porters arrived this week so they and President and Sister Boucher joined us right after they were picked up from the airport. 
 I'm not sure why President is burying his head in his hands. 

The birthday girl with her special dessert.
 On Thursday, we took a road trip to spray for bedbugs, deliver a hotplate to an apartment with a broken stove, and deliver a washing machine and dresser to a different apartment. We passed the town of Yauco which is a colorful village up on the hill. A typical road trip day is usually 12 hours long. 
I wish the picture better showed the steep streets and colorful buildings of Yauco. 

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