Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hiking Through Bosque de Breas in Cerro Gordo

Last night I was searching the internet trying to find a new beach that isn't too far away from our apartment in Bayamon. We had been on three across the island road trips in three days so I was kind of burned out on driving. I came across a website that showed a beach and hiking trail about a half hour away just north of Vega Baja in Cerro Gordo. We haven't hiked much since we've been here so I was excited to check this place out. I wasn't disappointed. The trails are through a wooded area out on a point next to the ocean. The 5 km. of trails follow the coast line at some points and then go inland through the bosque. I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere although we weren't really far from civilization. 

Looking down from the rocky cliffs at the beginning of the trail.
The hiking and mountain biking trails meander through the wooded area that can be seen in the distance. 
That's as close to the edge that I'll let John go without freaking out.
One of the ocean views from the trail.

Another gorgeous view. I love being able to see places like this so often.

The cliffs are made of very jagged lava-type rock. 

Me at the start of the hike. I LOVE the ocean! I'm so lucky to be serving a mission on an island.

John on the trail shaded with palms. 

My favorite parts of the trail were those that came out to the ocean like this. The cool ocean breezes felt wonderful.

We really enjoyed walking somewhere other than around our apartment complex in circles, our usual weekday routine.

I'm not sure what the touchdown signal is for.

He's getting a little too close to the edge again.

I love watching the powerful waves crash on the rocks. 

We were walking through a grove of palms. This coconut is just starting to sprout on the right and grow a little root on the left.

Here's one a little further along.

I think this is a termite nest or hive or whatever they're called. They are everywhere in Puerto Rico. I hope it doesn't fall on his head. 

I have no idea how this little sea creature ended up right in the middle of the trail. I didn't know if it was dead or still alive, but I didn't dare pick it up and carry it back to the water. 

These rock outcroppings are common along the coast. 

This is a satellite view from Google Maps of where we were. I'm finding that these satellite views are helpful in finding a nice place to visit. 
Balneario Cerro Gordo awaited us at the end of our hike. The water is very clear and I snorkeled around a bit. I was disappointed in the amount of glass and broken bottles at the bottom. I also saw a few white fish, a large sea urchin, and two big crabs before they buried themselves into the sand. I'm looking for a perfect sand dollar to replace the one John found last week that I wrapped up in my shirt and then dropped unknowingly when I put my shirt back on forgetting it was there. It was three inches in diameter and perfect! I found a few pretty shells on the bottom, but no sand dollars.

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